Award Categories

Oracle Excellence Award

Bridging Real-World Data to Blockchain

Interoperability Pioneer Award

Bridging Blockchains Seamlessly

Metaverse Maestro Award

Leading Innovation in Blockchain VR

Web3 Education Evangelist Award

Fostering Global Understanding

Social Impact Soldier Award

Transforming Lives Through Blockchain

Security Sentinel Award

Safeguarding the Decentralized Frontier

Gaming Guru Award

Redefining Fun in Web3

Community Catalyst Award

Fostering Vibrant Web3 Communities

Layer-2 Luminary Award

Elevating Blockchain Efficiency

Whisperers of Web3 Award

Excellence in Web3 Journalism

UX/UI Unicorn Award

Streamlined Web3 Adoption

Staking Star Award

Excellence in Staking Solutions

Best DWeb Pioneer Award

Advancing Decentralized Privacy

ZKP Zenith Award

Innovating Web3 Privacy with ZKPs

Web3 Wallet Wizard Award

Mastering Wallet Versatility

Collaboration Catalyst Award

Transforming Web3 Interaction

Decentralized Identity Innovator Award

Empowering User Privacy

Frontier Financier Award

Leading DeFi Excellence

Governance Guru Award

Empowering DAO Excellence

DeFi Derivative Dynamo Award

Pioneering Innovation

Yield Farming Phenom Award

Innovating Rewards

P2P Powerhouse Award

Upholding Decentralization Ideals

Web3 Analytics Ace Award

Unveiling Insights

Awards Process

Phase 1

(1st week of October)

Nomination Carnival

Nomination fever ignites, stories of excellence flood in, and remarkable achievements come to light. A carnival of nominations unfolds, shortlisting the gems that radiate

Phase 2

(1st week of November)

Assessment Voyage

Deep-dive into the world of nominees. Our Prestigious Jury gets started with rigorous evaluation commences, uncovering the profound impact of each contender. Deliberations forge a path to distinguish the exceptional from the extraordinary.

Phase 3

(2nd Week of December)

Victory Soiree

The crescendo arrives. The gala night approaches, a virtual stage of recognition. Envelopes are unsealed, unveiling the victors of magnificence. A grand finale, etching their names in the annals of greatness.

Awards Goals

Global Impact

Showcase projects that have made a positive impact on industries, communities, and society as a whole, setting new standards for Web3 solutions.

Recognition for Efforts

Acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and ingenuity of individuals and teams who have dedicated themselves to advancing the Web3 space.

Amplifying Voices

Offer a stage for visionary speakers to share insights, experiences, and visions that inspire collective action and drive Web3 transformation.

Inspire Future Leaders

Inspire the next generation of Web3 pioneers by highlighting remarkable success stories and breakthroughs that motivate others to drive change.


Whether you're a developer, entrepreneur, or industry enthusiast, Demo Night is the place to witness the forefront of Web3 innovation.