About us

Welcome to 2023's Ultimate Web3 Tech Fest! Here, in the heart of the metaverse, we're not just participants; we're the validators and builders. We're not just watching the digital revolution – we're minting it, block by block.

As we transition from legacy systems to a world governed by smart contracts, dApps, and DAOs, we pledge to HODL true to our vision, ensuring we're always gas efficient, always decentralized. With every NFT minted and every DeFi solution spun, we push boundaries, bridging the gap between today's tech and tomorrow's limitless potential.

Join us as we stake our claim in the digital age, forge ahead, and take the Web3 space.

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Web3 Carnival envisions a dynamic blend of Innovation and Empowerment, knitting together a vibrant and inclusive Web3 community.



At the heart of the Web3 Carnival, our mission is to pioneer the future of the Web3 landscape by uniting industry leaders. We're here to push the limits of the Web3 arena, fostering inclusivity and accessibility for young enthusiasts and elevating this ecosystem to new heights.

Guiding Values

Fuelling Futures with Innovation
Dignifying Unity through Inclusivity
Weaving Connections with Collaboration
Empowering Visions & Potentials

Web3 Carnival 2023: Exploring the Theme

At the core of our mission lies a dual purpose - to empower Women and supercharge Startups. Web3 Carnival becomes the canvas where ideas transcend, and visions fuse with reality.


An Epic Journey Through Time: Honouring Past Achievements

Our journey is studded with milestones that enrich our path. From hosting captivating events that incite minds to forge bonds that transcend boundaries, each chapter contributes to the true purpose that we proudly persevere.

Join us on this remarkable journey.

Let's sculpt the future together.